Build Management

We now discuss the build commands. Each command can be executed from the command line, from the REPL, and from VSCode.

Creating a New Project

We can create a new project, inside a directory, with the init command.

This will create the default Flix project structure:

├── flix.toml
├── src
│   └── Main.flix
└── test
    └── TestMain.flix

2 directories, 6 files

The most relevant files are flix.toml, src/Main.flix and test/TestMain.flix.

The flix.toml manifest file is discussed in the next section.

Tip: The init command is safe to use; it will only create files that do not already exist.

Checking a Project

We can check a project for compiler errors with the check command. During development, the check command is preferable to the build command because it skips code generation (and hence is significantly faster).

Building a Project

We can compile a project with the build command. Running the build command will compile the entire project and emit bytecode, i.e. compiled Java classes, to the build directory.

Flix has no clean command. Deleting the build directory serves the same purpose.

Building a JAR-file

We can compile a project to a JAR-file with the build-jar command. The build-jar command emits a artifact/project.jar file. If there is main function, we can run it:

$ java -jar artifact/project.jar

The JAR-file contains all class files from the build directory. The built JAR may depend on external JARs, if the project, or one of its dependencies, depends on JAR-files.

Note: The project must be compiled with build before running build-jar.

Building a fat JAR-file (bundling all dependencies)

We can compile a project to a single standalone fat JAR-file with the build-fatjar command. The build-fatjar command emits a artifact/project.jar file where all dependencies — both Flix and Maven — are bundled into one single JAR-file.

The JAR-file contains all class files from the build directory together with all class files extract from all Maven dependencies found in the lib directory.

Note: The project must be compiled with build before running build-fatjar.

Building a Flix Project

We can bundle a project into a Flix package file (fpkg) with the build-pkg command. Running the build-pkg command emits a artifact/project.fpkg file.

A Flix package file (fpkg) is essentially zip-file of the project source code. A Flix package, together with its flix.toml manifest, can be published on GitHub.

Running a Project

We do not have to build a JAR-file to run a project, we can simply use the run command which will compile and run the main entry point.

Testing a Project

We can use the test command to run all test cases in a project. Flix will collect all functions marked with @Test, execute them, and print a summary of the results:

Running 1 tests...

   PASS  test01 1,1ms

Passed: 1, Failed: 0. Skipped: 0. Elapsed: 3,9ms.